Canada has said it would closely study an international report calling for a ban on the use of brain and spinal cord from cattle in animal feed and food for human consumption, but said it would not follow the recommendations straight away.

A single case of mad cow disease was discovered in Canada in May leading to bans on Canadian beef exports to many countries worldwide.

In the report, veterinary experts told Canada to stop brains and spinal tissue entering the meat processing system in order to halt the spread of mad cow disease and the related human form, vCJD, reported Reuters.

Agriculture Minister Lyle Vanclief said that if Canada decided to follow the recommendations, it would take time to implement relevant new legislation.

“In general we agree with the direction of these recommendations… We are determined to review and if necessary revise these policies as quickly as possible,” Vanclief was quoted by Reuters as saying.

“However we must realize that many of these changes are complex and require coordination and in some cases even harmonisation of course with the provinces and with the industry and with our trading partners.”