Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited today announced that its Cinnzeo division has signed a six-store franchise agreement with Echo Food Inc., a master franchise operator in South Florida. The deal will see the first U.S.-based Cinnzeo franchise open in Miami by mid-year. The remaining five franchises also located in high traffic malls throughout the greater Miami area will be operational within two years.

“We have been patient in our search for the right combination of people, experience and location to launch into the U.S. market,” says Chuck Arcand, Cinnaroll’s Director of Franchising. “Echo Food Inc. exceeded our expectations in all areas. The company’s principals Mr. Michel Benoudiz, Mrs. Mercedes Cohen and Mr. Isaac Elbaz are established business professionals with solid food experience. They also have the local business knowledge and real estate contacts to ensure that Cinnzeo receives the highest level of people traffic in triple ‘A’ enclosed mall locations in the greater Miami area.”

Barry Wolton, Cinnaroll’s Vice-President Corporate Development added: “We have entertained a variety of serious opportunities to enter into the U.S. market; however our goal has always been to find strategic business partners that fit with Cinnaroll’s corporate culture and business philosophy. We believe we have accomplished that in bringing Echo Food Inc. into the Cinnzeo family.”

“We really subscribe to Cinnaroll’s no nonsense, bottom line approach to business,” says Echo Food Inc. principal Michel Benoudiz. “We thoroughly reviewed the Cinnzeo franchise concept as well as several of its competitors. In the final analysis, we chose Cinnzeo as our strategic partner because of its people, and its focus on a single brand. Overall, we are convinced that the Cinnzeo concept will be a huge success in the greater Miami area and we are committed to making that happen.”

About Cinnzeo Bakery

Cinnzeo Bakery is a division of Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited, Canada’s largest manufacturer of gourmet cinnamon rolls. The key to the runaway success of the Cinnzeo Bakery concept is the Cinnaroll, a gourmet cinnamon roll that is baked fresh daily at each franchise outlet and sold in two sizes. Currently, there are 26 Cinnzeo franchises in operation and signed commitments to open another 86 franchises in Canada, the United States and Southeast Asia.

Calgary-based Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited is dedicated to providing a unique gourmet bakery experience through innovative marketing and creative management. Our brands are simple, focused and have a global appeal.

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