A renewed call for the establishment of a single system of federally-appointed meat inspection has come from the Canadian Meat Council (CMC) and a large number of federally-inspected Canadian meat companies.
The meat industry bodies, representing 95% of all red meat processing in Canada, reiterated the need for a single system following the publication of the Ontario Provincial Auditor’s report. The report highlighted the problems caused by the present provincial system of meat inspection.

Currently, slaughter houses engaged only in intraprovincial trade (using only Ontario inputs and selling only on the Ontario market) are administered by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Those manufacturers exporting their produce to markets outside Ontario, meanwhile, fall within the jurisdiction of the federal government’s Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Robert Weaver, general manager of the CMC, commented in a press release: “Mandating a federal meat inspection program for all slaughterhouses would eliminate confusion around the dual inspection system and bolster consumers’ confidence about the safety of Canadian meat products.

“The federal program has rigorous inspection and monitoring standards with full-time inspectors and veterinarians at all slaughterhouses.”