Bunge North America, the North American operating arm of US agribusiness Bunge has announced that its Canadian operation, CanAmera Foods, is changing its legal and operating name to Bunge Canada effective 29 March.  

“Bunge Canada more accurately reflects our connection with Bunge, the world’s leading oilseed processor,” said Carl Hausmann, president and CEO of Bunge North America.

“Creating a common brand with our parent and sister companies will allow us to take advantage of the worldwide strength of Bunge while still enabling us to provide our customers with the local, personalised customer service they’ve come to expect from us,” he added.  

Bunge acquired CanAmera Foods in 2002 as part of Bunge’s purchase of Cereol. The purchase included eighteen facilities that are focused primarily on processing soybeans and canola seed into edible oil for human consumption and vegetable protein for animal feed.