Canadian frozen potato products maker Cavendish Farms has said all its branded products for both the retail and foodservice markets are to be made with non-hydrogenated oil.

Using non-hydrogenated oil will lower the intake of both saturated and trans fats, the company said. Trans fatty acids can raise LDL “bad” cholesterol levels, while lowering the HDL “good” levels.

“Consumers are asking manufacturers to eliminate saturated and trans fats in the food they eat. Cavendish Farms is responding by making this switch,” said Steven Buckler, vice president of marketing at Cavendish Farms.

All Cavendish Farms’ regular and Oven Crisp fries offered for retail sale in the Canadian market were switched to non-hydrogenated oil earlier in the year.

“The consumer response to this initial change was very positive,” said Buckler. “Now in keeping with that philosophy and building on that success, we are expanding that effort to include all Cavendish Farms branded products on both sides of the border.”

Cavendish Farms makes frozen potato products for both retail and foodservice customers in Canada, the US, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America.