Stonyfield Farm’s organic baby yoghurt will now include Ocean Nutrition Canada’s MEG-3 brand omega-3 DHA ingredient, becoming the first organic yoghurt fortified with Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), the company claims.

YoBaby Plus Fruit & Cereal Yoghurt, available in strawberry/banana and raspberry/pear flavours, is aimed at babies and toddlers and contains 17mg of DHA per 100 calories – the same amount normally found in breast milk.
DHA is an essential fatty acid that, by dry weight, constitutes 30% of the human brain. The company says it is vital to infant development because the brain grows rapidly until the age of seven. It is naturally found in oily fish, but with fish consumption dropping, the company says YoBaby yoghurt represents a convenient and healthy option.
Gary Hurshberg, president of Stonyfield Farm, said: “We have added DHA to our YoBaby Plus Fruit and Cereal Yogurt to provide parents with a tasty and convenient way to help their babies and toddlers consume this essential nutrient.” 
Ian Lucas, executive vice president of global marketing with ONC, said, “DHA is crucial to the normal growth and development of babies and toddlers.  By eating Stonyfield Farm’s YoBaby Plus Fruit and Cereal Yogurt with DHA, infants can now get this important nutrient in one of their favourite foods so they are getting the goodness of fish without the taste or smell of fish.”