The Canadian federal government is looking to strengthen food and product safety laws in order to increase consumer protection and make the Canadian food industry more competitive globally.

The federal government yesterday (8 April) introduced a new Consumer Product Safety Act and amendments to the Food and Drugs Act to the House of Commons.

The legislation would boost the fines for food safety violations and strengthen federal powers to order product recalls.

 “Today’s action on consumer safety is good news for Canada. It will improve our safety and our health, make Canadian brands more competitive among global consumers, and boost confidence at home as a country whose product safety standards are second to none,” said Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 

If the new regulations are approved by the House, a “crack down” on “negligent” manufacturers, importers and retailers who knowingly endanger their customers would ensue.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Canadian Boarder Services Agency would receive greater powers to stop food imports, hold and test products, licence and register importers and register the origin and destination of products.