Canada will resist Codex plans to press food manufacturers to include information on the proportion of health-related ingredients on packaging.


Canada is the host country of the upcoming Codex Alimentarius committee on food labelling. It will stage the April 28-May 2 meeting in its capital Ottawa.


In order to implement the World Health Organisation and the UN Food & Agriculture Organisations’ global strategy on diet, physical activity and health, the agenda of the Codex meeting will be topped by discussions on labelling rules for food.


It has been proposed that product labelling should inform consumers of the amount of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and sugar in processed foods.


However, a draft position released to Canada’s House of Commons standing committee on agriculture and agri-food said Canada would oppose proposals that food manufacturers label the proportion of health-related ingredients in processed foods.


The Canadian government draft said this should happen only where there is a “special emphasis” in marketing on a food ingredient.


In response, the Canadian Centre for Science in the Public Interest was critical of the government’s stance.


A spokesman told just-food: “This kind of deception to which governments are turning a blind eye is becoming more problematic.”