Intercorp Excelle Inc. (NASDAQ: RENE), manufacturer of Canada’s No. 1 refrigerated salad dressing, Renee’s Gourmet(TM) was named in the Top 100 Food and Beverage Processors in Canada for the first time by Food In Canada Magazine. In addition, Renee Unger, President of Intercorp Excelle Inc., was again listed as on one Canada’s 100 most successful Women Entrepreneurs as the result of research conducted by one of Canada’s leading magazines, Profit Magazine.

The criteria used for Intercorp’s selection to the Top 100 Food and Beverage Processors in Canada was based on a combination of industry performance parameters, including sales revenues, revenue growth and sales per employee. For Renee Unger, selection is based on a survey of several thousand potential candidates, and Ms. Unger moved up to 18th spot in the ranking from number 22 out of the Top 100 one year ago.

Renee Unger stated that, “It is again an honor to be recognized amongst my peers in this way, especially when it comes at the same time as Intercorp is recognized as one of the best food and beverage processors in Canada as well. These prestigious awards reinforce the hard efforts of our dedicated staff members and my business partner, Arnold Unger. It is also a testimonial to the discerning consumer who recognizes and purchases quality food products.”

She continued, “Emphasis on new Product Development and having the insight to understand what our customers want in a quality salad dressing, sauce or dip is critical to our success, especially on the top line, where sales growth of 27 percent last year, and over 30 percent this year have been realized. Renee’s Gourmet(TM) continues to be the number one Refrigerated Salad Dressing in Canada. Given the initial success of our push into the US market, and our wide acceptance in the markets that we have penetrated, we believe that we should be just as successful there as well!”

The Company’s current product-related strategy is focused on gaining significant penetration in the United States, where the US$146 million a year refrigerated salad dressing market is 8-10 times larger than that in Canada.

The Company also intends to step up its efforts to meet with the U.S. investment community.

About Intercorp Excelle Inc.:

Intercorp Excelle Foods Inc. is the market leader in developing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing retail branded, private label and food service salad dressings, sauces, marinades, dips and mayonnaise Canada and is now striving for similar positioning in the U.S. The primary aspect of all products is the undisputed quality and enormous taste appeal. The company’s primary brand name, Renee’s Gourmet(TM), uses no additives, no preservatives, no MSG, and is suitable for those who are lactose intolerant, diabetic and weight conscious. Renee’s Gourmet(TM) is the number one selling line of refrigerated salad dressings in Canada (AC Neilsen, 2000).

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