Food processor Maple Leaf Foods has announced that completely non-hydrogenated Tenderflake pure lard is now being shipped to grocery stores. Tenderflake is the first lard in the Canadian retail marketplace to carry the non-hydrogenated claim.

“Tenderflake lard is a pure animal product, not a processed shortening,” says Colin Farnum, director of research and development at Maple Leaf Foods, the company which owns the Tenderflake brand. “In the making of vegetable shortenings, liquid vegetable oils have to be partially hydrogenated in order to make them a solid, thereby creating unwanted trans fats in very high quantities. This is not the case with Tenderflake, a pure pork lard. Because of the way our Canadian pork is raised, it is exceptionally lean, so the naturally-occurring fat is solid. This results in a pure product that is excellent for baking – as generations have found before us. There is absolutely no need to fuss with Mother Nature,” says Farnum.

Tenderflake, sold in 454 gram bricks and 1.36 kg tubs, has only 1% trans fat compared to vegetable shortenings which can have as much as 35% trans fat.