DHA omega-3 producer Martek Biosciences and Dynamic Confections have announced that the Botticelli Choco-Omeg bars will feature Martek’s vegetarian DHA omega-3 product, life’sDHA.

The newly formulated bars now contain the vegetarian DHA omega-3, which is for brain, eye and heart health.

The bars are currently available at Canadian retailers, including Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, and PharmaSave, and will soon be available at major US retailers nationwide. The Choco-Omeg bars will be the first chocolate bars in the US to feature life’sDHA.

“Now featuring vegetarian life’sDHA, the Botticelli Choco-Omeg bar is now even healthier and more delicious,” said Gale Rudolph, the Dynamic Confections scientist responsible for developing Choco-Omeg. “Originally formulated with omega-3s from fish oil, the new and improved version of Choco-Omeg with vegetarian life’sDHA is an excellent source of DHA omega-3 and has none of the concerns about sensory problems associated with the use of omega-3s from fish oil.”

Botticelli Choco-Omeg bars come in three varieties – the Memory Formula (chocolate with an orange flavour); the Calcium Formula (milk chocolate with rice crisps); and Cardio Formula (dark chocolate with raspberry pieces).