Peachtree Network (CDNX:PCH) Friday (11 May) announced it has been awarded a contract to provide its online retail grocery platform and in-store fulfillment solutions to Intermarche, one of Europe’s largest retailers. Intermarche is owned by a group of independent owner/operators representing more than 2000 grocery stores in Europe including Germany, Italy and Belgium. With this agreement, Peachtree asserts itself as the global leader in the online grocery services industry.

Intermarche is part of ITM Entreprises, the fifth largest retail group in the world with over 3,200 stores in various retail sectors including hardware, apparel, service stations and others. ITM Entreprises is also a significant partner in RONA Inc.

This transaction includes a Corporate License sold to Stime, the IT organization within the group. Participating stores will operate under a sub-license and pay an initial license fee plus annual maintenance fees. Peachtree shall also provide additional related services under a separate contract.

Development begins immediately, with Phase 1 launching in the fall of 2001. In Phase 1, Peachtree will provide Web application customization, in-store order fulfillment, delivery logistics and consulting services for 20 stores in France. Application enhancements as a result of this contract will include sophisticated multi-currency, language, and European bar-code support. As a continuation, a second phase calls for deeper integration with existing IT systems and additional innovative online tools to further the front to back e-commerce solution.

Peachtree has a 5-year history of developing leading-edge e-commerce technology for the grocery industry. By working with existing retail infrastructures Peachtree has enabled retailers to become more competitive and increase market share through new technology. Working with brick-and-mortar grocers has been Peachtree’s model since inception and sets the company apart from the struggling pure-play Internet grocers who build their own fulfillment warehouses and distribution channels.

“It is great to be recognized as a provider of superior e-commerce solutions by an internationally respected player says Louis Brouillet of Peachtree. “It provides us with a tremendous opportunity to showcase our leading-edge products and services in Europe.”

About Peachtree Network

Peachtree Network is the leading provider of online grocery shopping services for grocery retailers, providing grocers with innovative online tools for shopping and driving in-store traffic. Securities of Peachtree Network trade on the Canadian Venture Exchange (symbol PCH). Press releases, current quotes, stock charts and other financial information on the Peachtree Network can be accessed through the Internet at </cgi-bin/tlink.exe?session_id=ASen0467167|url=http%3a//|pg=add>.

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