The Canasoy brand Tamari Soy
Sauce is being recalled today (21 September), following concerns after the revelation
that the product may contain wheat. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
has announced a warning to all those with allergies not to consume the sauce.

Having been distributed
throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canasoy Enterprises Ltd,
of Vancouver BC, voluntarily recalled the sauces in the following sizes:

500ml UPC 0 64165 15300 1
1.9 litres UPC 0 64165 15304 9
4 litres UPC 0 64165 15306 3

The CFIA is monitoring
the recall to see if it has been effective. Meanwhile, people with allergies
are advised to avoid the product. One illness has been reported in conjunction
with this product, and if it continues to remain available, any consumers with
an allergy who eat the sauce could have a serious or even life threatening reaction.