Beleaguered US pasta company New World Pasta has had to expand its recall of mislabelled noodles.

Some egg noodles from the company’s Ronzoni plant in Canada were incorrectly labelled and sold as Catelli Broad Noodles and were distributed in several Canadian states.

The recall affects 213 cases of 340-gram bags, according to Dan Carlin, director of quality assurance for New World. “Only two or three” bags have so far been found to be incorrectly labelled, Carlin said but all 2,556 bags in the cases were recalled as a precaution. Eating egg noodles can cause serious illness and even death among people who suffer from an allergy to eggs. There have so far been no reports of illness related to the consumption of these noodles, reported the Harrisburg Patriot.

Ronzoni initially recalled one date-coded batch of Catelli Broad Noodles on 14 February. Three more code dates have now been added to the recall. The recalled bags bear the codes 3Q12-M-A, 3Q12-M-B, 3012MA or 3012MB, and all have the UPC code 64200-12317.