Canadian woman Lorrie Molino has sued fastfood giant Burger King of Canada for damages of a whopping C$7.7m (US$4.84m) after she swallowed two thumbtacks along with a mouthful of the company#;s trademark Whopper sandwich.

Molino, who is suing for negligence and breach of an implied warranty, has filed a statement of claim in the Ontario Superior Court. She claims that on 25 March last year she “felt a pain in her throat as if a hard and sharp object was passing through” while eating a Whopper at a Burger King restaurant.

The first thumbtack was excreted after a few days, but the second was only recovered when a doctor used a surgical scope in what was described as a “painful” medical procedure.

The claim explains that aside from the obvious physical pain and discomfort the tacks caused, Molino has also suffered mental trauma. Having developed a general food phobia and libido loss, and experienced several flashbacks, the incident has left her unable to work and enjoy life.

Rob Doughty, VP of BK#;s corporate communications in Miami, Florida-based HQ, told the Lethbridge Herald that despite repeated requests, Molino and her lawyer have refused to show the company the thumbtacks or a receipt to prove that she was indeed in the restaurant.

He added that food inspectors that examined the outlet “found nothing that would make us think that this may have happened in our restaurant.”