YoNaturals, the California-based company specialising in healthy alternatives to junk food vending machines, has launched its first Canadian branch in Edmonton.

Various workplaces in Edmonton are already using the vending machines, which stock natural or organic snacks and drinks.

“We have partnered with numerous organisations within the area that hold health and wellness in high regard,” said Rick Stewart, who owns and operates the Canadian branch of YoNaturals.

The company has now targeted Canadian schools. “Having two young daughters that will soon be entering school, it is very important to us that they are provided with healthy options during their day, and it is certainly encouraging to know that the city of Edmonton, along with other areas across Canada, are making important decisions that will eventually lead to a healthier youth,” Stewart said.

YoNaturals’ launch into Canada comes as concerns grow over childhood obesity and early-onset diabetes. The company believes that these concerns will assist its growth.

YoNaturals vending machines offer a variety of snacks including Terra Chips, Cheecha Chips, Clif Bars, Metromint Water, Knudsen Spritzers and fruit juices.