The Wall Street Journal on 5 April revealed that soy, contaminated with the Genetically Modified Monsanto “RoundUp Ready” variety, was found in a “non-GMO” product, Veggie Bacon by Yves Veggie Cuisine.

Yves Veggie Cuisine have today confirmed that they have withdrawn from sale all contaminated product and have provided their retailers with replacement product which is truly “non-GMO”.

Marcus Williamson of comments :

“Yves Veggie Cuisine are to be congratulated from responding swiftly to this incident and removing the GM-contaminated product from sale.

It is to be hoped that issues of this type can be avoided in future. Adoption of tighter identity preservation and labelling procedures within the US and Canadian soy growing and distribution chains will help suppliers to source guaranteed GMO-free supplies.”


  • The article “Laboratory Tests Belie Promises Of Some ‘GMO-Free’ Food Labels”, by Patricia Callahan and Scott Kilman, was in the 5 April edition of the Wall Street Journal.

  • Genetically Modified foods have never been independently tested for their effect on the health of humans, animals and the environment.

  • Although there is no requirement in the USA to label food containing GMOs, manufacturers may optionally use a “GMO Free” or “Non-GMO” label to indicate foods which do not contain Genetically Modified Organisms.