The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA ) has launched an investigation into whether pasta originating from Turkey is being sold at unfair prices there.

It is looking at whether certain dry wheat pasta products originating in Turkey or exported from there are benefiting from subsidies.

The investigations are the result of a complaint filed by the Canadian Pasta Manufacturers Association (CPMA). The CPMA comprises three members that manufacture such pasta in Canada, namely Italpasta , Primo Foods and Grisspasta Products . The complainant alleges as a result of price undercutting from Turkey, Canadian industry faces lost production, lost sales, price depression, loss of employment, and reduced profitability.

The country has 98 special import measures in force, covering a wide variety of industrial and consumer products, from steel products to refined sugar. These measures are intended to help protect the Canadian economy and jobs in Canada.

The goods in question are described as all dry wheat-based pasta, not stuffed or otherwise prepared, and not containing more than 2% eggs, whether or not enriched, fortified, organic, whole wheat or containing milk or other ingredients, originating in or exported from Turkey, excluding refrigerated, frozen or canned pasta.

The CBSA will make a preliminary decision by 28 March.