A Vancouver-based start-up has launched a new brand of “smart” candy in Canada that contains just 2g of sugar in every bag.

Smart Sweets started selling nationally online yesterday (14 July) and onto retailer shelves in British Columbia. Initial products in the range include gummy bears that boast 2g sugar “and the functional benefit of 24g plant-based fibre for the entire bag”. The firm said every ingredient used is non-GMO, “always real and never artificial, and the gummy bears are coloured with beta carotene and carrot”.

The founder and CEO of Smart Sweets Tara Bosch said: “It’s about kicking sugar but keeping candy and creating a movement based on smarter choices. I believe we should be able to enjoy our favourite foods while feeling good and treating our bodies right.”

Entrepreneur Bosch started Smart Sweets just a year ago from her home kitchen and the business was incubated by the national charitable organisation The Next Big Thing Foundation.

Shortly after being selected for The Next Big Thing Foundation, Smart Sweets won the British Columbia award for best emerging start-up and secured CAD105,000 (US$82,000) in debt financing.