Chilean company Rabie has taken over distribution of Kellogg’s cereals for the Chile market following the group’s decision to pull out from a direct presence in the country.

Kellogg, which has a 15% share in the national market with cereals such as Zucaritas and Choco Crispies, has elected Rabie as its operator in a bid to improve its distribution throughout the country and continue with its plan of “innovation” and providing the consumer with the “best of Chilean products”.

Sergio Trapaglia, commercial director of Kellogg’s in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay, said the company is always looking to optimise its operations across countries such as Argentina and Brazil, where it is constantly changing the business models.

“We eventually decided to find the most efficient way to operate in Chile, so as to preserve the brand and stay in the local market,” Trapaglia said. “So we went searching for a partner that had the capacity to do the same work we were doing us more efficiently. Thus we came to Rabie.”

“The choice of Rabie, as a trader of Kellogg’s in Chile, grew out of an exhaustive selection process according to the evaluation of the different areas of work and skills that each operator could provide,” Trapaglia said. “Of these, Rabie was the company that knew better how to interpret the needs of Kellogg’s to market and demonstrated the capacity to take charge of the project. We believe it was the right decision and it is giving us very good results.”