Chilean pork exports will increase to US$60m in the coming year, said Pork Producers Association (APC) President Toribio Correa this week. The outlook is so positive primarily because Chilean pork producers recently received authorization to export to the European Union. Chilean pork products are already exported to a number of different countries, with Japan an important destination.

In December the meat refrigeration company Lo Valledor announced plans to increase pork exports to Japan. Andres Allende Urrutia, president of the company’s parent holding AASA, said the company could obtain a price of US$1.10 per kilo in Japan compared to US$0.70 in Chile. Lo Valledor predicts sales will be worth US$18m in 2001, of which 90% will come from the Japanese market. The company has signed contracts with four Japanese businesses.

On the negative side, APC President Correa expressed concern over Mexico’s delay in authorizing Chilean pork exports. Correa said he hoped the Mexican government would end the delay promptly, especially as both Mexican and Chilean governments have previously declared their interest in continuing with the authorization process.

By Steve Anderson, correspondent