Earnings from Chilean farm-raised salmon exports were down 20% in the period January to July this year compared to the same period last year, according to a report by the Salmon Industry Association of Chile.

Between January and July this year, sales of Chilean salmon abroad totalled US$510.7m, while total sales for the 12 months ending July were $839m. However, export volumes increased from 179,892 tons for January to July last year, to 210,041 tons for the same period this year.

The sharpest fall was in sales to Japan, which dropped 40% to $194.2m. Sales to the EU fell 18% to $36.7m, while sales to Latin America declined by 6% to $28.6m. Sales to the US remained steady at $224.5m.

Chile is the world’s second largest salmon exporter after Norway, reported EFE News Service.