Food and beverage manufacturers in China will gain faster access to some of the world´s finest tailor-made flavourings when Danisco opens its flavour factory in Kunshan in early 2002. The new factory marks the next step after Danisco opened its flavour laboratory last year at its Chinese application, development and production complex.

In establishing the flavour plant, Danisco broadens its product range and extends its customer services in China and the surrounding countries. The addition of locally produced flavours to the range makes the company highly attractive with a full line of beverage and food solutions.

General manager of Danisco Cultor China, Brian Jones, welcomes the opportunity to secure faster deliveries of flavourings specially tailored to local needs. ‘We have already built a strong reputation with our customers that includes our capabilities to provide excellent flavourings. This factory provides us the opportunity to deliver our products in a timely manner and meet the demands of the Chinese market,’ he says.

Regional flavours business manager in Asia Pacific, Steen Londal, expects the factory to contribute to even better customer service throughout the Asia Pacific region. ‘Within the next few years, China will take over as the biggest flavour market in Asia Pacific. By then Danisco will be more than ready to fulfil the many complex demands for tasty food and beverages.’

Danisco is one of the world’s leading flavour houses and through accelerated growth of its business aims to rank among the top five. Flavour production facilities are already in operation in Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Sweden, the UK and the US. With its compounded flavours business growing at a rate of more than 10% a year, Danisco is currently outperforming the world flavour market´s annual growth rate of around 4%. In Asia, Danisco boasts a flavour growth rate in excess of 30%.

Vice-president of Danisco´s flavours organisation, Stephen Catling, looks forward to reaching the company´s strategic goals. ‘In the time to come we will continue to consolidate our position in the flavours business by creating more organic growth in line with our well-defined growth strategy,’ he says.

In addition to the sales, service and production facilities in Kunshan, Danisco has sales offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

For further information, please contact:
Vice-President Stephen Catling, Wellingborough, UK Tel.: +44 (0) 1933 445501
General Manager Brian Jones, Kunshan, China Tel.: +86 520 7333 888
Communications Manager Anders Hundahl Tel.: +45 3266 2050
Deputy Communications Manager Carsten Sivertsen Tel.: +45 3266 2049