Stevia supplier GLG Life Tech has created a subsidiary to focus on providing ingredients using the sweetener to customers outside mainland China.

The company said yesterday (26 July) that since the launch of its initial consumer products, the company has received an increasing amount of interest from both its international customers and potential customers to provide them with technical help with stevia as well as food and beverage formulations to develop zero or low calorie naturally sweetened food and beverage products. 

The new company will be headed by James Chen, who GLG Life Tech said beings over 30 years of consumer beverage and food formulation experience. He has been responsible for developing many leading food and beverage products in Asian markets including China and Japan.

Chen has held senior positions with President Enterprises Corporation as well as serving as a leading formulation consultant to many food and beverage companies in Asia.

The company has appointed Kevin Li, GLG’s VP of technology and chief engineer, as VP of technology at AN0C. He has over 10 years of experience in the Stevia industry and has been involved in many of GLG’s China patents developed in the last three years.

AN0C Stevia Solutions will provide stevia formulation solutions for different beverage and food applications to small, medium and large size customers, said Chen.

“We see this as a real opportunity since most beverage and food companies do not have a deep knowledge of stevia technology to make it work easily. In order to replace sugar or artificial sweeteners with stevia in different beverage and food applications, we need to use different types of BlendSureTM with natural flavours in different combinations to develop the best taste.

“Stevia is a high intensity sweetener and its density is light and can be difficult to apply in beverage and food production. We have seen similar problems also occur for reduced sugar volume in food applications. We have addressed all of these problems or challenges and can now provide our customers with the best solutions for zero or low calorie naturally sweetened food and beverage products.”