Greenpeace has welcomed Kraft’s decision to remove genetically engineered ingredients from all food products produced for the Chinese market as of 2007.

Kraft Foods’ decision means that it join the likes of PepsiCo Foods, Coca-Cola and Danone, who have all chosen to avoid genetically modified produce in foods destined for Chinese consumers.

“Kraft Foods’ decision to shift to non-GE is a strong signal to the food industry,” said Steven Ma, Greenpeace China GE campaigner. “The growing concerns of the Chinese consumers have started to reshape the GE ingredient policy of top food companies.”

In a letter sent to Greenpeace by Kraft Foods, dated 13 December and seen by just-food, Kraft Foods’ director, corporate and government affairs, Jonathan Atwood, confirmed that as of 1 January 2007, products sold by Kraft in Mainland China will only use non-GM crop-derived ingredients, including additives and flavours.

However, the letter added that: “As circumstances can change over time, we may revisit our decision periodically to ensure that it remains appropriate for our business and continues to be in the best interest of our consumers and customers. As a courtesy, we will advise Greepeace in advance should we decide to modify our approach in future.”