Environmental campaign group Greenpeace today (Monday) said that two leading food producers, Kraft and Campbell were using genetically modified ingredients in their products sold in China, the Xinhua news agency reported.

An inspection of 28 foods, commissioned by Greenpeace earlier this year, found that the Kraft Foods Inc.’s Ritz biscuit and the Campbell’s Soup Company’s corn soup contained generically engineered soybean ingredients.

Greenpeace campaigner Ma Tianjie said that the two food producers, who committed not to using GM ingredients in Europe, have failed to adopt the same discriminating standards in the China.

“Chinese consumers deserve the same rights and safety standards. It’s irresponsible to consumers and will also tarnish their business credibility for the two companies to adopt double standards,” Ma said.

The campaigner said that Greenpeace contacted the two companies in investigation, but their responses were not satisfactory. The current regulations on labelling of genetically modified organisms in China only stipulate that GM soybean, corn, rape, cotton and tomato, their seeds and food oil made of them must be labelled.