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According to analysis from Frost & Sullivan, NPD and increased production of processed foods in China has resulted in the significant expansion of the Chinese food emulsifier market.

According to the research company’s latest report, Strategic Analysis of Chinese Food Emulsifiers Markets, the market generated revenues of US$68.8m in 2006. This, Frost & Sullivan said, is likely to increase at a rate of 14.8% to reach $181.1m by 2013.

Growing consumer demand for low-fat foods has propeled food manufacturers to use emulsifiers as substitutes and caused demand to increase.

“Emulsifiers derived from fat sources mimic fat in almost all functional properties, thereby providing the same advantage to food with regard to mouth feel, texture, and flavour, without adding harmful calories,” noted research analyst Lief Chiang. “Hence, emulsifiers, owing to their functional potential, have become an indispensable component of many processed food products such as liquid milk, ice creams, bread, biscuit, and chocolate.”