Fastfood chain KFC, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in Hong Kong today (Monday), has announced a plan to double the size of its operations in the city over four years, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

KFC was introduced to Hong Kong in 1985 and was taken over in 1997 by Birdland (Hong Kong) Limited. It now has over 50 outlets in Hong Kong, serving over 3m customers every month.

According to the CEO of Birdland (Hong Kong) Limited Yuka Yeung, KFC plans to increase the number of outlets in the city from 52 to 90 by 2009. And this expansion will involve an additional investment amounting to over 150m HK dollars (US$19.3m).

Yeung said Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination for travellers which has created an ideal platform to showcase the quality food and services.

It is deemed that success in Hong Kong has strongly influenced the development of KFC’s business in neighbouring markets, added Yeung.