In response to Greenpeace accusations that a Heinz baby cereal contained illegal undeclared genetically modified rice, the company has said that results from tests it commissioned have come back negative. Heinz also noted that authorities have not asked for the product to be recalled.

Heinz (China) Investment Co, the Chinese unit of US food group Heinz, has rigorously denied the allegation that a baby cereal product, on sale in mainland China and Hong Kong, was contaminated with GM rice and now it has produced new laboratory test results to support its claim.

However, scientific testing also supports Greenpeace’s assertion and Greenpeace campaigner Ma Tianjie told Dow Jones that he doubted the reliability of Heinz’s results, in part because the company commissioned them.

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture had previously stated that is investigating the claims and would conduct its own tests to determine whether or not GM rice is present in the product.