UK tea company Taylors of Harrogate has agreed a deal to export its speciality tea blends to China.

The Yorkshire-based family-run business said this month it exported £30,000 (US$54,621) worth of speciality blends to Shanghai, including “Chine Rose Petal Tea”, which it had initially imported from China, reported the Financial Times.

The blends also included Indian teas, Moroccan Mint Tea and South African Kwazulu tea. Taylors imports teas from all over the world, and then blends and packages them in Yorkshire.

Taylors already exports its tea blends to more than 30 countries but said it had had difficulty entering the Chinese market.

“They still drink quite different teas in China than people in Europe, for example green tea,” the company was quoted by the FT as saying.

Taylors said its teas will be on sale in hotel gift shops in China at first, and that it hopes to one day be able to export its Yorkshire Tea to China.