Food scandal-hit Wal-Mart China Stores has set up a new department to oversee food safety following the “Green Pork” scandal.

According to China’s Global Times , Scott Price, president and CEO of Wal-Mart Asia announced that the department will ensure its operations meet government requirements.

“We hope the new department will improve the company’s management ability to a higher level,” said Price.

The move comes after a series of food scandals, most notably “Green Pork”, where the retailer was found to have sold 63,547kg of ordinary pork as organic pork, generating CNY730,000 (US$114,334) of illegal income. 25 staff at the Chonqing store were detained and the company was fined CNY2.7m.

The investigation was closely followed by the departure of then-CEO Ed Chan, who said he had quit for “personal reasons”.