The head of the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has warned infant formula producers in the country that they have the “primary responsibility” for ensuring the quality and safety of their products.

CFDA director Bi Jingquan told a seminar in China that infant formula manufacturers must do more to “learn about milk sourcing, quality control, product traceability systems” and best practice in production.

And Bi stressed that the safe production “of infant formula milk powder is the top priority of food safety supervision” in China.

In addition to ensuring the quality of milk used, Bi said infant formula producers should strive to guarantee “continuous compliance” with food safety requirements throughout the production chain including transport and storage.

Bi said producers needed to “strengthen corporate culture to enhance public confidence in domestic milk power, promote the dairy industry and build big and stronger domestic brands”.

Bi’s remarks follow ongoing concerns about the sale of fraudulent infant formula, including incidents of fake products being sold in the country’s booming e-commerce market
Last month China’s state council, the country’s cabinet, issued a five-year plan last month to improve food safety and risk management across the country.