Clif Bar & Co is launching a new fruit and vegetable-based snacking product under its children’s brand Clif Kid.

The Clif Zbar Fruit and Veggie is a certified USDA organic snack featuring whole grains and a blend of fruit puree concentrate and vegetable powders.

“At Clif Bar & Co., the apple never falls far from the Clif Bar tree,” said Shirin Belur, Clif Kid brand manager. “We are proud that our bars are certified USDA organic, and are thrilled to offer a portable and nutritious snack for busy, on-the-go families. Studies show that most kids ages two-to-11 do not meet the recommended daily intake for fruits and vegetables, so we carefully crafted these bars as a fun way to introduce kids to a variety of fruit and vegetable flavours that expand their palates.”

The range comprises three variants: awesome orange with carrot, mango and orange, keen green with apple, sweet potato and spinach, and purple power with sweet potato, beet and berry.

The bars also contain 10 to 11 grams of whole grains, are a source of calcium and a source of fibre. They are free from high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavours or synthetic preservatives.

The bars were designed for US retailer, Target‘s 2016 Made to Matter – Handpicked by Target program, which features a collection of 20 “purpose-driven brands with an emphasis on meaningful product innovation”.

They have an RSP of US$4.99 for a box of five.