Increasing diet consciousness on the part of Colombians is boosting the demand for turkey products. In order to satisfy the demand, the Colombian food processing conglomerate, Suizo, S.A. recently announced that it would invest US$238,000 in launching a new line of turkey products under the Bernés brand name. The product line will consist of turkey breast, turkey ham, hot dogs, and whole stuffed turkeys.

Suizo’s decision resulted from a consumer survey which showed that there is a shift in consumer preferences toward flavourful white meats with low fat content. The growth potential for turkey product in Colombia is great, considering that per capita turkey consumption stands at 0.49 kilograms per annum, as opposed to 8.16 in the United States and 13 in Israel. Suizo has set a sales goal of approximately 245,000 kilograms per year for the Bernés line. Tecniagro, one of the nation’s leading turkey producers, was selected as the primary supplier of meat.

Launching the product line was simplified by the fact that Suizo has an existing infrastructure for production, distribution, and promotion. The company’s initial investment will primarily be spent on introductory offers, sampling sessions, and publicity in general.