UK cheese maker Colston Bassett Dairy is investing in a ten-year development programme that will enable it to meet demand without sacrificing its traditional cheese-making techniques.

Billy Kevan, dairy manager at Colston Bassett Dairy, the company struggles to meet demand around key cheese consumption periods. "We face an issue every Christmas period of not being able to meet demand. We of course as a business, want to be able to fulfil customer orders – but at the same time know that the demand is due to us being able to produce our consistently top quality product.

"Managing any growth of a handmade product effectively, is a business challenge. We feel that this phased long term approach, means that we can meet our objectives as a business and keep producing the multi-award winning great tasting cheese just as we have been since 1913."

The Stilton and Shropshire Blue cheese maker has completed construction of expanded cheese maturation facilities. This will enable it to ramp up capacity in the longer term without making any changes to production and maturation methods.

Colston Bassett Dairy sell speciality cheese in the UK and overseas via export partner Neil's Yard Dairy.