Columbus Craft Meats, a US supplier of Italian salami and deli meats, has boosted production by 30% at its Hayward, California, plant after the completion of a US$16m expansion.

The 10,000 square-foot addition to the salami-curing site has been made in response to growing demand that has turned Columbus Craft Meats into the most-distributed meat brand sold in deli’s in the US, the company said yesterday (26 September). It is the second expansion undertaken at the plant in three years. Investment in 2015 increased capacity by 50%.

“This added capacity will assure that even more consumers coast-to-coast will be able to enjoy our premium salami,” said CEO Joe Ennen. “Our expansion not only allows us to meet demand but also to continue developing innovative new products.”  

Columbus, which is owned by Arbor Investments, launched three varieties of antibiotic-free uncured salami earlier in September consisting of Italian dry salami, Genoa salami and pepperoni. All are made without added nitrates or nitrites.