This week’s clutch of featured industry research from the just-food store highlights commodities data from agribusiness specialists LMC International. It also includes in-depth looks at Carrefour‘s operations in Spain and Wal-Mart Stores’ domestic business.


Cocoa Bulletin (annual subscription)
This annual subscription to LMC’s monthly Cocoa Bulletin provides consistent and up-to-date analysis on the cocoa market. In a direct and concise manner, it gives readers all the information needed to understand the current state of the industry, providing a comprehensive and revealing picture of the market and how it is expected to evolve in the short term.

Sugar Bulletin (annual subscription)
This annual subscription to LMC’s monthly Sugar Bulletin provides up-to-date statistical and market analysis on the raw and white sugar market. Each issue analyses production, consumption, world supply/demand balance and stocks, trade, raw sugar and refined sugar prices, returns from domestic sugar versus export sugar for key exporters and returns from sugar and ethanol in key markets.


Carrefour Spain: Consumer Profile
Carrefour, like other retailers in Spain, has found trading conditions in the country’s troubled economy tough in recent years. In 2011, the French retail giant’s like-for-like sales in Spain fell 5.5%. This report from Canadean focuses on providing data on the final consumers of products from Carrefour’s Spanish stores. It profiles the retailer’s customers and also lists data on its sales by category.

Wal-Mart US: Consumer Profile
The report provides valuable, hard to obtain, consumer-survey based, data on Wal-Mart in the US, showing who its end-customers are and how well the retailer is performing overall (as measured by category share). By focusing on end-consumers and not in-store shoppers, the report provides a different perspective compared to other types of data, helping retailers to identify which consumer groups they want to compete for in the future.


Lactose-free Dairy: Opportunities, Strategies And Key Case Studies
This report estimates the size of the current market and forecasts growth out to 2016. It is Europe that is likely to remain the fastest-growing market for the next five years. The report explores why the Asian market – though growing fast – still lags Europe and may continue to do so. The report sets out the seven steps to creating a lactose-free dairy brand, explores opportunities in Europe, the US and Asia and covers the leading lactose-free brands in three detailed case studies.

Kids’ dairy and snacking: 10 case studies in marketing and innovation
Snacks and dairy products are major categories in the kids’ food market – but innovating in kids’ dairy is challenging and the market for kids’ snack products is extremely competitive. This 48-page report looks at routes to innovation in these categories, including new approaches to distribution and marketing – and in particular, marketing to that powerful and increasingly on-line buying group, mothers.


South Africa Brand Report 2012: Consumers of Baby Food
The report focuses on consumer-based intelligence – the most valuable brand asset. It includes a detailed competitor analysis and brand positioning. It looks in detail at the demographics, lifestyle, media consumption and cellphone and Internet usage of the baby food category by brand, making it a vital reference report for anyone wanting to understand this segment of the market.

South Africa Brand Report 2012: Consumers of Infant Cereal
This report looks at who the key players and brands are in the market and how are they positioned. You will learn what the important consumer and market trends are that should be included in your business strategy. It looks at who the users (purchasers) are and non-users (non-purchasers) of infant cereal e.g. age, gender, affluence, life-stage, geographics and how to engage with them.