Disciplinary proceedings against six Spanish turron-making firms have begun on alleged anti-competitive practices.

The Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission launched an initial investigation last November into Delaviuda Food, Almendra y Miele, Sanchis Mira, Turrones Pico and Enrique Garrigos Monerris.

The watchdog has now discovered what it called “reasonable indications of the existence of conduct prohibited by the country’s competition protection law no.15/2007”.

It has now started disciplinary proceedings against the five plus one other – Turrones Jose Garrigos.

The six companies are being investigated for “possible practices consisting of price fixing, directly or indirectly, or other trademarks and service conditions, as well as the exchange of commercially sensitive information in the Spanish market”.

If found guilty, the accused could face fines of up to 10% of their total turnover.

The competition watchdog has a timeframe of 18 months to investigate and resolve the case.

The six companies named did not respond to requests for comment when approached by just-food.