Nestle’s CHF15m (US$16m) manufacturing facility in the Democratic Republic of Congo is now fully up and running, with the world’s largest food group looks to drive continued growth in Africa.

The site, which opened in 2011, is now fully operational, the company said today (26 September). The facility will produce Maggi-branded micronutrient-fortified food products and is Nestle’s only manufacturing presence in the country.

A spokesperson for the company told just-food that the majority of the factory’s products would be sold in the DMC, with some export to Angola.

Nestle said that the move was part of its ongoing efforts to expand on the African continent. Last month, Nestle opened another factory in Angola. Both facilities were built as part of a three-year CHF150m investment programme that Nestle launched in the region in 2010.

The spokesperson also emphasised Nestle’s commitment to its “popularly positioned products” strategy, which focuses on items that meet the nutritional needs of populations in the developing world and which are offered at low prices.

“The Maggi cube is our main PPP brand in DMC, but we also distribute products under our Nido and Nescafe brands,” the spokesperson said.