This week’s featured reports from the just-food store includes research on consumer and innovation trends and opportunities in functional foods.


Experimentation: Consumer & Innovation Trends
This report provides a unique blend of consumer and innovation insight to understand consumers propensity to experiment and what can be done to better attract them. A “cosmopolitan mindset” is especially apparent in food choice. It broadens consumers’ “sensory repertoire,” i.e. exposure to, and acceptance of, new concepts, cuisines, flavours and scents.

The Role of Loyalty, Price & Promotion
This research looks specifically at shoppers’ key loyalty drivers to retailers, then examines the impact of price, value and convenience, before testing shoppers’ understanding of promotional mechanics, where is the tipping point for ‘2 for’ deals and exploring what they do when confronted by one that leaves them confused!


Successes and Failures Case Study: New Covent Garden Soup Co
Effective innovation is difficult to come by, but it is the key to sustained competitive advantage in the consumer packaged goods industry. Lessons can be learned from both successes and failures. This case study looks at how New Covent Garden Soup Co has failed to recognise the potential harm to its reputation from running a competition in which there was a strong chance nobody would win.

Successes and Failures Case Study: Belvita Breakfast Biscuits
Failed innovation can severely undermine profits and brand reputations. Conversely, the rewards for successful innovation are substantial. This case study looks at how Kraft’s Belvita biscuits have succeeded in UK by identifying a gap in the market and redefining the consumption occasion for biscuits.


Where the Interest and Opportunities Lie in Functional Food and Drinks
Although functional food and drinks are gaining in popularity, many consumers are interested in the benefits but not yet purchasing the products. Use this interactive model to discover where there is such latent interest. How do different demographics vary in what they are interested in and how many need an extra reason to buy.

The Future of Functional Dairy Ingredients
This report reviews functional dairy ingredients and the products they are used in, and considers the impact of major consumer health trends, market dynamics, and the status of legislation such as, EFSA’s Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation, on dairy innovation in the functional space. It contains case studies and product examples to forecast what will drive success in functional dairy.


E-Procurement in the Food Industry – 2012-2013 : Survey Snapshot
This report is the result of an extensive survey drawn from an exclusive panel of leading food industry executives. The report identifies future growth of buyers and suppliers and e-procurement. It not only grants access to the opinions and strategies of business decision makers and competitors, but also examines their actions surrounding business priorities.

Demand in Emerging Markets in the Food Industry – 2012-2013 : Survey Snapshot
Following an extensive survey of a panel of leading food industry executives, this report was produced. It analyses how demand expectations are set to change in the food industry in 2012-13. The report also provides access to information categorized by company type, company turnover, buyer, supplier and region.