The Wittenburg-based contract manufacturer SternMaid has invested EUR15m in the construction of a second production plant.
The new plant will be used for the manufacture of powdered foods and food supplements with work due to start in September. It is estimated that the building will take up to a year to complete.
In the initial phase a production and warehouse complex with a floor area of 5,000 m² will be built opposite SternMaid’s existing production plant.
The current factory has run out of space for expansion as a new blending line with automatic weighing of raw materials was commissioned at the end of June, enlarging SternMaid’s capacity.
This is what prompted the company investing in a second production plant, which will bring the total size of the facilities to 40,000 square metres.
The company said that as far as possible the two plants will operate independently of each, with Plant 1 focusing on all products intended for further industrial processing, while the new plant will manufacture all retail products.
 “Blending is our mission,” said Torsten Wywiol, the CEO of SternMaid. “In 1999 we started with lines 1 and 2, and now line 8 has recently been commissioned. SternMaid is all set for growth, so that we shall continue to meet the demand for powder mixtures in full. Construction of the second plant will enable us to serve our retail customers and meet their requests even better in future.”