EU agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler has welcomed steps taken by the
Czech Republic government to prepare its food industry for when the country joins the European Union. He praised the introduction last month of a compulsory cattle identification system, for instance.

Speaking at an international conference in Brno, on the Czech food sector, Fischler said that negotiations on reforming technical food production standards, supply management and direct payments to producers, had proved to be “fruitful and cooperative.”

He also highlighted action taken in the last year to enact an Act on the
State Agriculture Intervention Fund
, an Act on Ecological Agriculture and the creation of a quota system was introduced for milk, sugar, and starch.
Said Dr Fischler: “All these acts are important steps in order to prepare Czech agriculture to participate in the EU agricultural system. The basis is there, now it will be crucial to build up the administrative framework to implement the new acts.