A decision to ban the sale of doughnuts or half-loaves of bread unless they are wrapped in plastic is causing quite a stir in the Czech Republic.

The Health Ministry’s new decree, which was introduced for health and hygiene reasons, has divided both the country’s people and its politicians.

The government coalition Social Democrats have voiced their support for the ruling and for their Health Minister Marie Souckova who they say had the health of the country’s people at heart when making the decision.

The Civic Democrats on the other hand, condemned the ruling as they view the wrapping of bread as a violation of people’s personal rights.

The Communist party (KSCM) use the bread-wrapping issue as proof that the Czech Republic has been in decline ever since the communist regime was overthrown in 1989.

Meanwhile the Coalition Freedom Union appears to be sitting on the fence. While the group is in favour of the decree in term of health and hygiene, it thinks there are better ways of tackling the issue.