Danish Crown , the Denmark-based meat cooperative, has stopped output at a slaughterhouse after an outbreak of Covid-19 among staff at one of the site’s customers.

The co-op’s facility in the southern Danish town of Skærbæk has seen production halted today (18 May) following the testing of employees at Westcrown, a German venture between Danish Crown and the German meat processor Westfleisch. At the end of last week, 280 Westcrown employees were tested and yesterday the results showed 90 staff were infected with the novel coronavirus.

Westcrown is located in the German town of Dissen in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is one of the states that has chosen to test all slaughterhouse workers.

“The closure means that we must try to find other customers for the sows slaughtered in Skærbæk. That’s a bigger task, because normally Westcrown takes care of all the sows we slaughter in Denmark, Søren F. Eriksen, the CEO of the cooperative’s Danish Crown Pork unit, said.

Approached by just-food, a spokesperson for Danish Crown said the co-op has yet to decide when to re-start production at the Skærbæk site.