US baked goods and dessert maker Dawn Foods Products has announced it is appointing a new CEO, Serhat Unsal, to work alongside current chief executive Carrie Jones-Barber.

Unsal, a former Unilever executive, joined Dawn Foods in 2011 to lead its international division.

Both will operate under “a co-CEO leadership model with equal responsibility and authority”, Dawn Foods said in a statement.

Jones-Barber said the arrangement would enable Dawn Foods “to be even more successful, as our business has become more complex and increasingly global”. She added: “By broadening our knowledge and experience at the senior leadership level, and by driving a more collaborative work environment, we will deliver significant opportunity for our company, our team members and our customers.”

Unsal said: “Dawn is preparing to enter a new era of growth and success. I look forward to working with Carrie as we focus on delivering a 50% growth in revenues and tripling our profitability over the next four years. The new co-CEO structure enables us to collaboratively reach the intricate decisions needed to deliver this aggressive target and proactively drive our strategic direction globally.”