Irish vegan food maker DEE‘s Wholefoods has entered the Swedish market with a deal to supply supermarket operator ICA. 

The move boosts Dee’s Wholefoods’ export business. Dee’s Wholefoods expanded into the Netherlands in  2015, where it supplies Jumbo supermarkets. In the UK, the group has listings with the likes of Holland and Barrett, Ocado and Booths.  

“We are really excited to bring Dee’s products to Sweden – one of the most developed and dynamic food retail markets in the world and a country that has been at the forefront of adopting an increasingly meat-free lifestyle.” said Deirdre Collins, founder of Dee’s Wholefoods.

Collins stressed 36% of Swedish consumers eat vegetarian food “at least once a week”. She continued: “The country is very much in vanguard of a global trend that is seeing more people choosing to reduce their meat intake and look towards plant-based alternatives for a whole variety of health, environmental and ethical reasons.”

The company’s Swedish launch took “a lot of preparation”, including market research and localisation, such as ensuring compliance with labelling and regulatory requirements.