Danish dairy group Arla Foods has set new targets for organic production in Denmark, as demand grows and more Danish milk producers express an interest in switching to organic production.

The consumption of organic dairy products in a number of Arla’s key markets in Europe, including Denmark, Sweden, the UK and Germany, is on the increase, the company explained. Consequently, earlier in the summer, Arla asked its conventional milk producers in Denmark to consider switching to organic production.

The drive to convert milk producers to organic began in Sweden, where there is a shortage of organic milk, some years ago, Arla said.

With demand expected to continue rising, Arla estimates that over the next few years the company will require a further 75m kg organic milk over and above the approximately 300m kg per annum that it currently sources in Denmark.

“Interest in organic milk is increasing among our customers and consumers. We have a clear ambition to contribute to organic development in Denmark and Sweden and to fulfil the responsibility that goes with our role as the world’s leading organic dairy company,” said CEO Peder Tuborgh.

So far, 35 Arla milk producers, representing a combined annual milk volume of 37m kg, have registered their interest in switching to organic. The conversion from conventional to organic production takes two years.