Denmark’s Dairy Board reported on a summer crime wave of cheese-jacking after a 21-ton theft of German cheese headed for Sweden.

Though this theft might have been a mistake – the robbed trailer was bearing a Toblerone chocolate banner – it was just the latest in a series. In this case the thieves settled for taking a single cheese and leaving the rest of the massive load behind, warming in the summer heat.
It was the third major cheese heist in Denmark this year. Nine tons went missing from a Danish warehouse in early July and at the end of May 13.9 tons of cheese went missing from an Arla terminal in Kolding in a professional job where a well-drilled but fake driver arranged to drive the shipment to Germany but instead vanished with the cargo.
The hoodwinked shipping firm called the theft a new type of ‘con’ and has tightened security procedures.
In March a small but exclusive lot of Spanish cheese for an exhibition was stolen from a Danish Dairy Board lorry at a rest stop in Germany.