A new survey of the dinner habits of over 4,000 Danes by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) has found that traditional dishes like frikadeller (Danish meat cakes) have been supplanted by chicken and dishes based on ground meat.

The top ten list in all age groups featured either chicken or meat sauce in the top two spots, a trend that had previously extended mostly to children in the 4 to 14 age bracket. Sausages and cuts of red meat also scored highly.

Mixed green salads were the most popular way to get vegetables and ice cream was the most common dessert. Despite the popularity of rice and pasta, the old-fashioned potato was the surprising starch of choice. White has taken over traditional rye bread as the favourite bread. 

Danish frikadeller remain relatively popular, thanks to its popularity with the oldest and youngest age groups. Fish dishes were completely absent in the menu of Danish favourites.

Sisse Fagt, who was in charge of the study, concluded that the current Danish diet was, in general, too fatty and too sweet.