Danes are phasing out their traditional dark, heavy and whole-grain rye breads in favour of trendier and lighter imports like ciabatta, bagels and pita according to a detailed study of the national diet.

Denmark’s Food and Veterinary Research just released their findings of national eating habits from 1985-2001 and organisations are now considering active steps to promote and restore rye’s place above wheat, newspaper Berlingske Tidende reports.

Denmark’s Heart Foundation feared that the trend was likely to continue and wants greater freedom to promote rye products as healthy, something the country’s conservative interpretation of functional food advertising does not yet allow.

The Consumer Council recommends that authorities wait for emerging EU regulations before considering legal changes at home, arguing that consumers often misinterpret food promotion campaigns such that no real improvement in public perception is achieved.

In the time period under study Danish consumption of rye bread dropped from 107 to 59 grams per day.